Patio Cushions

The Jor Collection is our extended line of high end patio cushions designed for customers who desire the best in fabric, design, and quality.  We offer a wide range of replacement cushions to fit most furniture styles.  Jordan has the ability to design and match various furniture manufactures’ cushions in a replacement capacity.  In many cases we offer a higher level of quality and design than the original manufacturer. Our formula for design and quality, coupled with hundreds of pattern choices add up to a formula that is second to none in the industry.

Box Edged

Box Edges are made up of three different pieces of fabric. A top, bottom and side layer come together to form box like edges. Some have piping, or welt at the top and bottom as shown here, or a single welt.


Knife Edged

This type of edging has more of a rounded corner.



French Edged

This edge has a box like look without welts or piping.


We use two different types of fills for our cushions that we produce on location.

Blown Polyester Fiber Fill

This fiber has the appearance of cotton, but has a much slicker feel to it. A cushion filled with blown fiber, achieves a pillow like feel and appearance.  This type of filling is used for cushions such as wicker seat pads and toss pillows.



Layered Poly Fiber Fill

This type of filling is produced in different thicknesses and densities. This gives the cushion a more tailored appearance.

Both types of cushion fillings are made for outdoor use. In contrast to foam, the fiber allows for better air circulation which provides quicker drying times. We also have the ability to use foam fill which is available with a variety of characteristics depending on use.

We offer high grade outdoor fabric for all replacement cushions, toss pillows and patio umbrellas. With a wide selection of stripes, solids, and prints, we have the best outdoor fabric for your needs.

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